Coldest days

Coldest days from December 7-9, says Thai weatherman


Due to the intense cold front from China blanketing the North and Northeast of Thailand, the plummeting temperatures are being felt by many including those in Bangkok and nearby provinces

Because of this, many of my friends posted screenshots of the weather forecast on Facebook; captioning it that they want to experience a much cooler temperature and a much longer winter feels.

In the early morning of December 5, Chiang Rai recorded 14oC, 16oC in Phitsanulok, and 19oC in Bangkok.

It appears their wish has been granted albeit not fully because according to the Thai Meteorological Department, as reported by my friend over at Pinoy Legacy, the temperature will plummet even more tomorrow, with coldest days expected from December 7 to December 9.

Temperatures in the North and Northeast forecast to drop to between 6oC and 12oC and as low as 1oC on mountain tops.

Bangkok and its nearby places, meanwhile, are expected to dip to 13-18oC.

However, the met department also announced that the coldest days won’t last long. It will end either on Monday or Tuesday next week. But anyhow, let’s just enjoy it, shall we?

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