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Big C Phitsanulok returned my bag that contained my wallet full of cash

I’ve experienced Thai honesty a couple of times over the years. A few years back, we took a taxi going to Pratu Nam. I put down my DSLR camera to the backseat so I can get all our luggage in the trunk. I’ve completely forgotten the camera because I had too many luggage to push. The thought of the camera only returned to my consciousness when my wife asked me to take a photo of her.

Good thing I still had with me the receipt from the driver. I called him immediately and, minutes later, he was back smiling whilst holding my camera. My wife has her share of Thai honestly as well. Her wallet was returned when she accidentally dropped it at the restaurant while looking for her phone.

No one wants to forget something especially if that something is of value. But last night, fate played a trick on me… again. I forgot the bag which contained my son’s milk and a wallet that had our one-year savings! The savings were already budgeted for my children’s school fees, car insurance, and loads of other bills.

How did it happen?

We went to Big C Phitsanulok last night to buy things for today. Everything worked perfectly fine, or so I thought. After paying the cashier, we headed straight to the car park in the basement. While unloading all the stuff to the trunk, I failed to notice the bag sitting comfortably on the right side of the cart. I pushed the cart away and sped off.

Moving forward, we were all singing songs in the car. When we arrived home 10 minutes later, I was still singing a song. We call it Last Song Syndrome, right? Then my wife asked for my son’s milk bottle. I was like, “it’s in the backseat.”

My world crumbled when “There’s nothing in the backseat and the bag’s not here either” came out of her mouth. I double-checked the trunk, the backseat, and all the corners of the car but found nothing. We were so worried because we worked sweat and blood for our children’s future and we couldn’t believe that it will be lost just like that.

Hoping against hope that someone didn’t notice the bag or that someone handed over the bag to the employees, we hurriedly went back to Big C. This time, I drove fast!

The pushcart that I used was no longer in the area where I left it. On the other side were pushcarts that had been orderly arranged. If the carts have been arranged then someone already took it, I told myself. I felt a pang of anger at myself because of carelessness. It’s gone! It really is gone!

One last-ditch effort was to ask the man sweeping in the parking area a few meters away from where we were. Mustering my courage in broken Thai, I asked if he happened to see the bag. He said something which I didn’t understand but his face showed hope. He called someone on his radio then he ushered us to the customer service.

Whilst walking towards the customer service, I was silently praying that the bag was in their possession. Rainbows appeared when, on the desk, was the bag we were looking for! My prayer was answered and I couldn’t be happier.

The staff asked how much money was in the wallet. Satisfied with our answer, they let us count the money while they were taking photos. After things have been confirmed, we asked who kept the bag safe. They radioed the guy and minutes later he was standing in front of us. Thinking the bag won’t be returned had it not to this good and honest man, it was just right to reward his honesty. He accepted our offer with a huge smile on his face.

I believe this kind of action deserves attention.

Thank you so much Big C Phitsanulok and to the man who cemented our faith that there are many Thai people who are really honest and kind. Kop khun krup!

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