Small Python Under My Car

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It was a night I won’t forget. Why? Because there was a small python that had found its way in my car! Let me tell you the story.

After dinner, we hurriedly went to the car park so we could go home and tuck the kids in early. However, a surprising scene greeted us outside.

Two rescue vans were parked, and a couple of people were busy doing something to my car. One was holding a stick, the other a spray of some sort, while the rest were holding flashlights.

The security said something wearing a concerned face when I approached him. Clueless of what he was saying, I opened the door in the backseat to get the umbrella since it was raining. Upon closing the door, I noticed that all eyes were on me.

I called my Thai friend and asked him to speak to the security. I felt a bit fidgety as I want to know exactly what was happening and why they were looking at me. When the security handed me back my phone, my Thai friend on the other end said: “There’s a small python in your car.” My eyes widened. I was stunned for a few seconds before opening a big “WHOA!”.

The snake catchers assured me (at least judging from the tone of their voice) that there was nothing to worry. They asked me to turn the engine on and open the car hood. Minutes later, one of them shouted and pointed at the serpent still inside the hood.

They started to move a bit faster yet I saw how calm they were. By then, the scene already attracted more people. After some time of clinging onto its hiding place, the snake slithered out to escape. Fortunately, the snake catchers were fast enough to capture it.

Check out the video below.

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