Earth Angels Do Exist

Earth Angels Do Exist: Finding positivity in a negative situation


Last night, a friend of mine posted on his wall a feel-good story of his experience yesterday. His story talks about the engine of his motorcycle ceasing to function in the middle of the road, on his way to work. What he thought was a bad day was actually an opportunity for him to see the goodness and positivity in the people we see and meet every day — “the earth angels”, he said.

Read his Facebook post below.


Earth angels do exist! Early morning today, halfway through the school, the engine of my motorcycle malfunctioned right in the middle of the road. Fortunately, no other vehicles were following me so I was able to freely maneuver it at the side. There wasn’t too many people nor establishments on that part of the road so I decided to just leave the motorbike at the roadside and then call a taxi to take me to school for the early morning rehearsals with my students.

I could call a taxi myself with my ‘survival Thai speaking skills but my problem was how to get the taxi get to where I was. Just as when I needed it, a lady who was wearing a white ‘lab’ gown came out from a shop and never hesitated to help me when I asked for her assistance in talking to the taxi driver for directions.

Not only that, upon learning I am a teacher in the school where her son currently goes to, she offered that I could ask her son to take me back later in the afternoon to where I left off my motorcycle. I feel it would be too much already so I politely refused the offer. There was another angel though who took me back to the place (John Patrick Benliro) is his name.

Her kindness didn’t end there. She too offered to ask her mechanics (as she was actually an owner of a car repair shop) to look into the problem of my motorbike. Later in the afternoon, her mechanic told me that the engine needed an overhaul so the lady offered to drive me to a motorcycle shop herself.

And there it was! How could I consider it a bad day when angels were there to take care of my immediate needs? Indeed, what a blessed day it was and I thank and praise GOD for it!


I asked my friend that I will repost his story here NOT because I was one of the people who’ve helped him that day, but because I felt compelled that his story can counteract the negative news we normally see every day.

It is almost impossible to ignore negative stories appearing on our feeds these days. Admit it or not, there are times when we are more attracted to sensationalized approach to pieces that present biased information even on event news. Arguably, each of us has a friend or two on Facebook who makes it a habit to post a slew of attack to someone or something they disagreed on.

I strongly believe that Lorenzo’s post can lift someone’s spirit, achieve a positive mood, attitude, and happiness. It also creates a feeling of optimism, something that we need to have in the world where negative stories sell over those that are not. And oh, I believe in earth angels as well.

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