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LOOK: Photos of a school with mosquito net go viral


There is no mosquito season in Thailand as they are present all year round.  However, they seem to be in great numbers when the downpour starts because of the remaining puddles of water, in which females lay their eggs. When the rainy season enters, it is a warning sign for dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by a dengue virus.

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To prevent students from getting infected of a dengue virus or other mosquito-related diseases, Nong Kwang School in Ban Muang district, Sakon Nakon, put up a mosquito net to protect students inside the classroom.

Photos of the students inside the mosquito net shared by Nong Khwang Hospital which went viral on Thai social media, received 12k reactions, 2.2k comments and 21k shares at the time of posting.

Source: Nong Kwang Hospital

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