OFWs homecoming ordeal

“Bakit ito lang? Bakit wala akong pasalubong?”: OFWs homecoming ordeal


OFWs upon returning home are normally greeted with warm hugs and kisses. You’ll see no trace of sadness in every face both family and friends. Smiles and waves of laughter fill the air whenever someone you know see you somewhere.

But things can drastically change when you start giving presents which, in the first place, not needed. Sadly for some though since you’re working abroad, a pasalubong is a requirement. People also expect that the bills that you will incur sa mga kainan at pasyalan e sagot mo. Saklap!

If you’re an OFW, here’s an FB post from The Life Abroad that will bring back memories of your unpleasant return brought to you by some ungrateful creatures. Sa mga first timers naman, goodluck 🙂

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I never knew going back to the Philippines could be this expensive; until it was my turn to finalize my budget.

I had to buy my own tickets home (both domestic and international flights), and had to alot an amount for airport expenses just in case I incur overbaggage fees plus the airport transfer and the food and drinks that are waaaaaay too expensive.

As a Filipino, not only will my immediate family be expecting “pasalubongs” but the entire village (which I still don’t get whyyyyyyyy).

Then when I wanna meet up and catch up with family and friends, they would surely hand me the bill for all the food and drinks consumed — expecting it to be all paid.


Don’t expect OFWs to buy and bring you anything at all unless you paid for our plane tickets or you sent money to us while we were struggling abroad.

Andami nyong pinapabili, andami nyong hinihingi. Tang*na kami ba natanong nyo na kung KAYA BA? Kaya ba ng budget, kasya pa ba ang na-ipon, at kung meron pa bang matitira?

Pero syempre pinaghandaan at pinag-ipunan din naman namin yung pag-uwi namin. But, IT DOESN’T GIVE ANY OF YOU THE RIGHT TO DRAIN OUR POCKETS.

Kung mag-aaya kayong kumain sa labas, wag naman sana sa napaka mamahal na restaurants. Kung magkayayaan man ng inuman, sana sagot nyo na kahit juice at yelo man lang. Kung may outing man, sana kanya-kanya na ng bayad ng entrance fee. At kung manghihingi man ng pasalubong, sana kahit sa chocolates masayahan ka naman na.

Don’t get me wrong, we also wanna spend for our family and splurge a little. But we can’t buy everything for everyone. So don’t expect anything, and try not to pressure us — coz it’s harder than you think it is.

We went home for the sole purpose of spending time with family, catch up with old friends and create new memories that would inspire us to endure working away from home.



On a serious note, this may or may not happen to everyone, pero I do agree sa post na ito because I experienced it myself. I now realized na hindi ko sila obligasyon bigyan lahat ng pasalubong.

Next time I go home, I won’t let the pasalubong and those ungrateful creatures ruin my return. Pag tinanong ako ng “Bakit ito lang” o “Bakit wala akong pasalubong?  Sasagutin ko ng, “May pinadala ka ba?”

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