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English For All students to present to the Prime Minister and his cabinet


The Minister of Education observed the English For All project last year. He noted that the project is in line with the Ministry of Education policy as it reduces educational disparity and provides an opportunity for all levels to access equal education and help create higher competitiveness. He came to observe not just once but twice. I thought that was the biggest event ever for the project we initiated, but I guess I was wrong because it is now going to reach the Prime Minister and his whole cabinet. Yes, you read it correctly!

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On January 28-29,  selected k1 and k2 students from Sapansam School in Phitsanulok as well as the school directors from other schools with English For All; one in Sakon Nakhon, one in Ayuthaya and one in Nakon Si Thammarat, are going to visit the Prime Minister and his cabinet to talk about the project’s development.

Earlier today I spoke to Teacher Took, the head of English at Sapansam School and told me that they are excited as this is going to be the biggest event for the project. She said the kids are going to present English activities for the Prime Minister and his cabinet. This marks another milestone for the project.

Moreover, the four schools with English For All are going to hire additional teachers next school year. Apart from that, I was also informed that 20 more schools as approved by the government will also run the project in May. The budget is ready for release anytime soon. Therefore, new teachers will soon be hired.

By the way, if you are to ask me if I have the list of the 20 schools that will soon hire foreign teachers for the project, I’m sorry to say but I don’t have it yet. If I get information about that I’ll post it here right away. Alternatively, you can send your application to other schools that have English For All. You can find the names and the contact information from the link below.

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Additionally, here’s a link from one of Thailand’s leading English news website The Nation mentioning English For All as one of the more useful projects that will boost equity in students’ access to education.

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Edited (27 January): The date students have to meet the Prime Minister and his cabinet has been moved from January 28-29 to February 4-5.

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