Voice Over: Thinking Of A Career Change From Teaching To Voice Over Actor


Voice over jobs may not fill your coffers to pay the bills, but they can be a nice way of earning something on the side. It’s also one way of honing your speaking skills, and it certainly is an enjoyable thing to do!

I’ve experienced doing voice over jobs quite a few times now. The university where I work usually calls me whenever similar projects are present. We would go to the IT building where they will record my voice while reading a script. Normally, the recordings are made for a particular research, or for specific courses intended for specific audience. 

But perhaps the most interesting voice over job I did was recorded just a few weeks ago. My former colleague at the university who is now an English teacher at the Royal Thai Air Force, asked me to have my voice recorded for a video presentation which was shown to military attache’ from 25 different countries. Knowing that I’m no expert in the field and my voice is not as pleasant compared to other people, I thought of saying no. But she insisted, and I yielded. 

Cutting to the chase, my voice was recorded at a radio station in Phitsanulok whilst reading a script written by my friend. It was by far the longest I read so far and so I noticed the sludges and and slurries that enter my speech patterns. I’ve asked them to rerecord some paragraphs quite a few times. My focus was on and off, too. I now believe that voice over work is more tiring than one would expect. But then again, as mentioned earlier, voice over is a fun thing to do. 

You can watch the video of the Royal Thai Air Force Wing 46 which was shown to military attaches from 25 countries last week. My voice can be heard from 4:30 until the end. I know it’s not perfect. I know my voice is not that pleasant. But I’m proud to say that I did it. If someone will ask me to do a voice over again, I’d say yes in a heartbeat.

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