Meet the 3 Pinoy teachers who will be working for former ASEAN secretary-general Dr. Surin Pitsuwan


Hello everyone. After two months of hibernation, it’s nice to say that I’m finally back. I was out juggling myself with my full time job at the university and other short courses being offered outside as a part time. Final exam scheduled by my university is also coming, but I figure to give mine a week earlier hence, the super busy mode is on. The plus side there is I’ll be on vacation mode a week earlier than scheduled, too. 

The Pinoy Legacy, a new online magazine dedicated to Filipinos working in Thailand, is also another thing that is really eating most of my time. If you have seen The Pinoy Legacy, I do hope you enjoyed it. Please continue to support us by either sharing our posts or simply reading our entries. If you haven’t, I’m begging you to have a look at it. LoL. Seriously though, you’ll find informative articles there that you can enjoy. The magazine covers different topics such as everyday news, education, job, travel, personal finance, inspiration, outstanding Pinoy, and an OFW corner that is mainly OFW related entries.

Fast forward, the last post I had before my absence was about the 3 Pinoy teachers Dr. Surin, the former ASEAN secretary-general, asked me to find. If you haven’t seen that post yet, you can read it by clicking this link. I am excited and happy to tell everyone that I already found the Pinoy teachers who will be shaping the minds of the students at Prateepsasana School in Nakon Si Thammarat.

The Deliberation

It was a careful and lengthy consideration indeed. Two weeks of screening and doing phone interviews, and another 3 days for online teaching demonstration from selected individuals via Skype. But the most difficult part for me was informing those who almost made it but came short. Kaiyak.

The Revelation

From 20 or so applicants the number dwindled down to 5 and, after consulting other people, I came up with a conclusion.

Two teachers working already at Nakon Si Thammarat were the first ones to receive the good news. I called them on Skype and informed them at once. They said they were so glad and thankful for the opportunity. I can see from their eyes how happy they were upon receiving the good news. Two days later, another Pinoy teacher who used to work in Phichit province, received the good news.

The joy of seeing others happy because of you, as the bearer of the news, is tantamount to receiving a gift you’ve always wanted to have. May fulfillment na feeling.

The Teachers

Khon Philipine, I’d like to introduce Onin, Kay and Miriam – the 3 Filipino teachers who will help shape the future of students at Prateepsasana School in Nakorn Si Thammarat.

To Onin, Kay and Miriam, when Dr. Surin visited the “English For All” project I helped initiate, he was impressed with the way Pinoy teachers connect to students, and that was the very reason he asked me to find you. Your boss is a renowned Thai intellectual, but I’m confident you won’t let me down. Make yourself proud. Make the Pinoys in Thailand proud.

PS: Kay wrote an article at The Pinoy Legacy of her experience applying for this job. To read her story, click here.

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