Overseas Employment Certificate

Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) no longer required for qualified OFWs


The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) will soon be out of the picture. Although it’s “on an experimental basis,” this calls for a celebration nonetheless!

In a statement released by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on Monday, OFWs “will no longer be required to secure an overseas employment certificate (OEC) starting middle of next month.”

However, not all are covered by this new directive from President Duterte which will take effect on September 15, 2016. This new resolution is applicable only to OFWs who are:

  • returning to the same employer and job site, and listed in the POEA database of OFWs; or
  • hired through POEA’s Government Placement Branch

OFWs covered by the new directive still need to register at bmonline.ph prior to departure, though. We will still need to provide personal and employment information so as to validate whether we are clear and exempted in obtaining the OEC.

Once done, our updated profile will be sent to the Bureau of immigration which will serve as a basis that we are clear to go without any fees or whatnot.

Proceeding to the airport without first registering at bmonline won’t do good. The Bureau of immigration will simply utter Gandalf’s famous line, “You shall not pass.”

Workers who aren’t allowed to pass will be handed over to the POEA’s Labor Assistance Counter (LAC), which will then evaluate and then later determine if they will allow workers to leave, or if workers will be asked to complete their travel documents. Kaya wag ng makulit.

Ready the balloons, cake, ice cream, and beer, will ya? Cheers!

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