“English for all” set to be one of the topics in July’s education forum in Bangkok


If there’s one word to best describe Dr. Warong, the former MP for Phitsanulok of the Democrat Party whenever he does his work, I’d say that he’s “ardent” in all the projects he create. He puts his heart into it and works tirelessly in order to come out with positive results.

Dr. Warong talking to students and teachers at Sapansam School

Despite the fact that he’s no longer a Member of Parliament (equivalent to a congressman in the Philippines, he still continues to serve his former constituents by  accepting requests to appear in weddings, cremation ceremonies and managing the English for all project we both started two years ago. 

Speaking of the project English for all, an education forum being organized by former finance minister Korn Chatikavanij is scheduled to take place in Bangkok on July 25 of this month. 

According to Dr. Warong, the forum which will be attended by three or four former education ministers including former prime minister Chuan Leekpai as well as prominent figures known to be advocates of education, his talk about the project will boost its popularity and could possibly reach more people to better understand its very purpose – to educate all students particularly those coming from poor families to learn English without spending too much money.

“If this project reaches its peak with ALL students across the country learning English, it will pave way for a much better Thailand,” Dr. Warong said.

PS: The ” English for all” started in 2014 with me as one of the teachers as well as the adviser. In 2015, three teachers were hired to do the job full time. Currently, there are four Filipino teachers employed in the project teaching English at Sapansam School in Phitsanulok province. 

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