Thailand hottest country in ASEAN this week


Bangkok – The face-melting temperature has finally arrived. According to Professor Jirapon Sinthunawa from the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies at Mahidol University, Thailand’s temperature will soar high and the country will suffer from the hottest weather among all ASEAN countries during March 17-19 (Yay! That’s tomorrow)

Therefore, residents should avoid staying outdoors.

The scorching temperature is due to a tropical air mass in the Pacific Ocean which is at its warmest in 50 years, Jiraporn said.

Jiraporn also said that the country may suffer from a heatwave that is hazardous to our health, particularly young and old people, adding that this summer is even hotter that last year.

But relax and keep your cool: Bangkok is no stranger to a hot summer. In fact, Thailand’s capital has always had the hottest summer out of the other ASEAN capitals, said Ananon Sanitwong Na Ayutthaya, an academic of the Climate Change and Energy Policy Committee.

In a report from Post Today, Aanon said Bangkok will be hot but the temperature will not differ from the past years, citing statistics that Bangkok’s highest temperature was 43.3 degrees Celsius.

Last couple of days we were sweating profusely at 37 degrees Celsius – bringing headache and similar stuff. So, if we will have 43.3 or possibly higher temperature tomorrow and the next day, good luck with that!

Source: Post Today, Coconuts Bangkok
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