Photos of shirtless waiters at Rangsit noodle stall go viral


The internet is once again going crazy after photos of a tomyum noodle stall in Rangsit circulated online.

Wait. I may need to have it rephrased. The tomyum noodle stall in Rangsit became the internet’s eye candy after photos of its shirtless owner and the waiters made rounds on social media. There.

Does that mean Adam’s sons are the ones customers would like to see more than the hot bowl of tomyum? Maybe.

Owner and main chef Kritsada Saekwang, who normally wears a tight white tank top whilst preparing a hot bowl of tomyum noodles, said he decided to open the restaurant “Jad Noodles” with two friends after his brother gave him a secret tomyum recipe. 

Kritsada at work
Kritsada works as a fitness trainer for Rangsit University. He also does modeling as a part-time job, as are his staff members.

Girls and those who wish to be one, you may enjoy a hot bowl of seafood tomyum whilst feasting your eyes at the shirtless staff of Jad Noodles located near Rangsit University. They are open from 6pm – 11 pm. Chok dee.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok
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