Job Ad: Five Filipino Teachers Needed in Phitsanulok


Hello Khon Philippine in Thailand. A friend sent me a message today asking me to post a job ad dedicated for Filipino teachers in the Kingdom. Yes, his school asked him to look for 5 teachers who will be working in Phitsanulok province next term.

Here’s my friend’s post verbatim.

Princess Chulabhorn College Phitsanulok is in need of Filipino teachers who will commence work in May this year. These are the following qualifications we are looking for.

– Single
– Willing to stay in the dormitory with our students. “Stay” means teachers are needed to spend some time with students in the evening, not necessarily teaching them (a proposal made by students’ parents).
– Can teach basic Math, Science and English (conversation)
– Salary is still being deliberated but expect it to be 20k-ish or above.
– 15-20 teaching loads per week.
If interested, please send your resume to my email at
Please be reminded that this ad has nothing to do with me or my blog. It’s a request made by a friend which I willing granted. Have fun.
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