[Video] Social Experiment: Farang tests Thai honesty in hidden camera prank


Lost wallet experiment continues to populate social media. Some fight for what is right while others are drawn of keeping the money for themselves. 

A farang prankster’s video of a lost wallet experiment, went viral on Facebook today. The video of Youtube celebrity “My Mate Nate,” a farang teen in Thailand who speaks fluent Thai, was shared on popular Facebook page Youlike. 

Nate tested how many Thais will do the right thing of giving the wallet back, or if others will be ok to split the money instead.

The video shows a woman who was seen dropping her wallet. As honest Thais try to run after the woman to give the wallet back, Nate stops them and encourages them to split the money.

That’s bad!

How many Thais do you think insist of doing the right thing? How many of them became Nate’s cohorts? Find out from the video below. Don’t worry, it has English subs.

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