Vacancy for Filipino English Teachers in Phitsanulok soon!


I received a message from Joey who works for former Finance Minister Korn of the Democrat Party last week, asking me if I can produce a 15-second video clip of a conversation between the teacher and a student in Sapanteesam which Khun Korn will use in his Ted Talk program. For those who don’t know who Khun Korn is apart from being the former finance minister of Thailand during Abhisit’s term, Khun Korn is also the man who financed the English for all project at Sapanteesam School. He donated 900,000 baht to cover the salary of teachers for the whole school year.

With Aj. Lloyd and myself at Sapanteesam School
Whilst exchanging pleasantries with Khun Joey, he mentioned the “thing” we discussed last year. After my presentation at the Democrat Party House in April last year, Joey came up with an idea of making the project bigger by getting more people involved particularly the private sectors. He said he will be responsible in getting more donors with the help of his friend; a former big shot advertising executive in Bangkok. He will then inform me around the middle of February as to how many teachers will be recruited. Yes, we will include an additional school or two here in Phitsanulok for the project, depending on the amount of money we will be able to raise.

That said, I might post an advert dedicated to Filipino teachers and will start recruiting soon. We might be needing…

1. 2 or 3 Filipinos if it’s just one school, possibly more
2. Kindergarten teachers or those with experience teaching kindergarten kids
And to pump you up a little bit more, teachers will receive 25,000 for 12 months. Yes, even March and April you’re still going to get paid. You will be responsible for your visa and work permit fees during your first year, but the school will take the burden from you on the succeeding years. 

I hope to see you in Phitsanulok soon!
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