Unidentified man shot Pacquio in Davao City


Pacquiao was indeed shot by a still-unidentified man when “it” got out of the house on January 14 in Davao City. But this Pacquiao didn’t throw punches whenever he had a fight. He never smiled to show happiness. And he’s moniker is not “Pambansang Kamao.” Instead, he uses his sharp teeth to defend himself. He wagshis tail to tell his master he’s happy. And we simply call him and the rest of his kind as “Man’s Best Friend.”

Pacquiao was rushed to the clinic of veterinarian Dr. Gibb Devora who checked the condition of the dog. The bullet had entered Pacquiao’s left cheek and went through his right cheek, affecting both his jaw and tongue.

According to Dr. Devora, the infection from the dog’s massive wound has set in. He’s not sure either if Pacquiao’s jaw would be restored.

The dog’s owner, Teofilo Layaog, is asking for help. He also hopes that the person responsible for his dog’s suffering will be caught and punished.

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