Chinese flyer caught stealing EUR5,000 from bag on Bangkok-bound flight


If you’re flying with your favorite airline or even with the ones that don’t appeal to you just because they have cheap tickets on sale, you should be aware that there are bad people around. There are those who would take the opportunity of stealing your money or other valuable things even if your precious possessions are already feeling comfy in the overhead bins. 

There are these people police named as “mid flight thieves” as they literally steal other passengers’ valuable belongings while on board the flight.

Photo: MCOT
A recent case surfaced after Suvarnabhumi Aiport police apprehended a Chinese passenger who raided a carry-on bag of a Danish passenger. The victim filed a complaint with the airline for theft.

Ma Qiquan,45, was photographed by an eye-witness taking the victim’s carry-on bag to his seat from the overhead bin and rummaged the bag’s inside for cash before putting the bag back as if nothing had happened.

The incident took place on flight TK064 from Istanbul, Turkey. According to a report from Matichon, Ma was busted with EUR5,050 cash (THB197,000) upon landing on Monday, 4th January.

According to his passport records, cops said Ma had traveled to Thailand several times but never went through immigration. Police believe the man would immediately hop on another flight and leave the country after stealing, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

Police said they have been watching the movements of “mid-flight thieves for over six months, but could never catch one because most victims found out they had been robbed only after leaving the airport, the report added. 

In some cases, the thief would replace the cash with smaller bills to fool the victims they still had their money, police said.
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