Why You Should Consider Teaching In The Province?


With so many of our “kababayans” struggling big time in finding a job; one will notice that seconds or minutes after someone posts an advert in different Filipino groups on Facebook, comments will immediately populate the entire thread. It’s no biggie if I receive notifications after notifications as I understand they want to know the details of the said job. What I find interesting though is whenever someone asks about the location of the job and the original poster answers that it’s going to be in the province, the ever optimistic asker will suddenly lose interest. 

Ay, ang layo.

Sa province pala, kala ko sa Bangkok.

Wala ba kayong offer na ganyan dito sa Bangkok?

These are just some of the replies I normally see. We might have different reasons as to why it’s difficult to kiss Bangkok goodbye. I would certainly understand if the reason why someone still clings to stay in the capital despite having no job is about family. After all, family is family. No question about that.

But if you can’t leave Bangkok because of the many malls and discounted prices in almost every street; the many bars where you can get drunk and rowdy on a Friday night; and the thought that you are in the capital where almost everything is at your disposal; I think it’s high time to think again. Think of the reasons why you are here in Thailand in the first place.

When I first came to Thailand, I had the same thoughts. I programmed myself that I will only be working in Bangkok. But life in Bangkok wasn’t friendlier to me compared to other Filipinos. So, without hesitation, I tried my luck to work in the “banok.” And you know what? I found peace. I found what I was looking for. 

Therefore if Bangkok is not being friendly anymore to you, try the north, northeast or the south. They might be super friendly you’ll mistake them as family. Good luck!

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