Departure Card

Lost TM-6 or Departure Card, What Should I Do?


The TM-6 or what commonly called departure card given to us upon entering the Kingdom can be misplaced or lost. Therefore, it is imperative to staple it in your passport to make sure it won’t leave your sight and won’t cause you any troubles in the future.

Before arriving in Thailand I was informed by friends to keep it safe and secure it at all cost because losing it means losing my chance to fly back home or visit another country of interest. In short, immigration won’t allow me to leave the country. That belief made me kept my departure card like an expensive diamond whenever I go to another province or visit my family in the Philippines.

But it’s not actually the case. Perhaps they were just told by people who came here before them that it works like that. Or, they were just waiting as to how am I going to react.

In the event you found out that your departure card is missing, file a report at your local police station and pay the 20 baht fee. After that, visit your immigration where you do your 90-day report and request for a new one. It’s free so you won’t have to worry about paying something. Just be polite because you’re the one in need of something.

But what if you realized a few hours before your scheduled flight that your departure card is missing and the immigration office where you report is still close? Nothing to worry. The same thing applies. You can get a new one at the airport immigration without fee as well.

Updated: There were some who said that in Cambodia they were asked to pay a 100 baht fee while others were charged 200 to 500 in different immigration offices. Perhaps it’s safe to say then that each immigration interprets this situation differently.

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