American Expat Raps In Thai About Her Time In Thailand


An American student in Chiang Mai made a video of how she perceives the Thai “mai pen rai” attitude through her rapping skill in a music video called “Thai Rap Song.”

“Suwana” as what her friends call her, showed her skill in rapping both in Thai and English about her time in Chiang Mai University, and how everything is so easy without any worries as long as she has friends, Moo Ping and Cha Yen.

Her video was uploaded on Youtube in July but it only started to create a buzz yesterday.

It is not known whether Suwana is still in Thailand or back in America. But one thing is for sure, locals are now enjoying her music.

We hear Thai people say “mai pen rai” even in situation where things are actually blowing out of proportion. Depending on how you take it, Mai pen rai can either be good or bad – that’s up to you to decide.
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