Man in Chayaphum province rose from the dead, calls himself the son of Death


A man in Isaarn is making waves after he rose from the dead and declared himself as the son of Death.

On Wednesday Anan Boonjiam, a 32-year-old native of Chayaphum province, was pronounced dead at Wang Nam Kiew Hospital. But just as his relatives were to move his body to the temple three hours later, he woke up to say hello.

Anan, who spoke with an Isaarn accent before he died, surprised his family when he started speaking in a clear central dialect, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

Photo: News Connect

And if everyone present was unable to react when he said he didn’t remember any of his family members, think about his 37-year-old wife Netnapa Kraisantier. Netnapa was in deep shock. However, Anan quickly explained everything. He said he’s not the same old Anan, but instead another man named Karn.

Karn, he explained, died 932 years ago. He tried to enter heaven but was unsuccessful thus, Death adopted him as his son before reincarnating in Anan’s body-vessel on Saturday,

In a country where reincarnation is believed, it was no surprise when Netnapa and his family accepted and believed Anan’s story.

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