Is a 90 day report necessary if you are planning to leave the country


Foreign nationals who are working and holding non immigrant visa are required to either appear for a 90-day report at the immigration office or send their notification online. That means you can stay in Thailand during the duration of your visa but must report to the immigration every 90 days for them to know whether you’re still in the Kingdom. It’s a must and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Failure to do so will result to a fine of 2,000 baht flat fee.
But what if you would like to leave the country and go somewhere else before your scheduled 90-day report? How’s that work?

It’s not a problem if you fly out of Thailand before your scheduled appearance at the immigration. When you return from your trip the 90 days clock is reset to your day of arrival being Day 1. Start counting again so as to know when your next 90-day report is.

The 90-day report has a window of plus or minues 7 days so you can be up to 7 days late and there is no consequence.

If you report online then you can do the report up to 15 days early but not 1 day late.

Therefore, your old 90-day slip from your last immigration visit which bear your next scheduled report is now nothing. Forget it. It no longer holds importance.

Airport immigration don’t care about the 90-day report.  There is no fine for a late 90-day report at the airport. You can actually remove the slip from your passport, for all they care. You only pay a fine at the airport if you overstay your visa.

Note: This is open to revision. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
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