Client shows how Sky Cable customer service representative handles complaints


Sky Cable is in hot water after one of its clients posted on Facebook a video of himself talking to the cable provider’s customer service rep which didn’t end well.

On the onset of the video the client was seen talking on his phone to the CSR. The client started calm. He told the CSR that he already made a call a day before. But because he did call many times asking to cut his line if the signal didn’t come back (poor connection as it suggests) and most of the time nobody answered him not to mention the phone bill, the tone of his voice changed. He said he was transferred many times yet his complaint wasn’t addressed – and those who were able to answer his call were rude. 

The client who uses Tito Mike as his Facebook name wasn’t done expressing himself when suddenly, a voice recording was heard. He was put on hold without letting him know.

Comments on the video started to flood with a certain Reynald Jaspe Pintor defending the CSR.

But another commenter insisted that it’s the CSRs fault.

The video was first uploaded by Tito Mike on June 26. It was then shared by TeeFM on June 30. At the time of writing the video garnered 9,525 likes and 2,486 shares.

Who really is at fault? Watch the video below.

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