Four Farangs share in Thai why they love Thailand


While Thailand can be sometimes difficult to deal with especially Bangkok’s heavy traffic, some foreigners are actually oblivious of this. 

The Land of Smiles offers them a sense of belonging, peace and happiness; something they always miss and look forward to whenever they’re in their home country. For them, Thailand is home!

For more than 7 years of living and working in Thailand I consider the kingdom as my home, too. It was a witness when I met my wife, when my daughter was born, and when my career as a university lecturer reached its full swing (at least that’s how I feel today).

Perhaps you feel the same way I do just like the four foreigners speaking in perfect Thai as to how they developed a sense of belonging in Thailand. It was nice to see them say good things about their home, my home – our home!

“A house is about the construction but if you ask me what home is, it’s all about the feeling,” American dude “Luke” says.

Who wouldn’t like the friendly and hospitable Thai people? The amazing food from dusk till dawn? These are just but a fraction of the many wonderful things about Thailand.

“We cannot choose where to be born, but we can choose where to live, and I choose Thailand,” Mina from Germany says.

Yes, the kingdom has its share of bad stuff too just like any other country in the world. But I personally believe the good stuff outweighs the bad. After all, home is where peace and happiness abounds.

I found my peace in Thailand. Have you?

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