Bangkok is Asia’s King and the world’s second for international travel arrivals


In terms of international travel arrivals in both ASEAN and the whole Asian cities, Bangkok currently holds the “king of the game” title. If we talk about the world, the City of Angels is still a force to be reckoned with after it came second to London with just a slight difference. 
London got a record of 18.82 million foreign tourist visits while Bangkok welcomed 18.24 million tourists according to Master Cards Annually research.
Next to Bangkok was Paris in the third place with 16 million visitors. Dubai came in fourth with 14,26 million.

Of the 132 cities surveyed each year, London and Bangkok are the ones always vying for the top spot throughout the survey’s history. Bangkok was ranked No. 1 in two of the past five years.

Rounding up the list to top ten are:

Istanbul – 12.56 million
New York – 12.27 million
Singapore – 11.88 million
Kuala Lumpur – 11.12 million
Seoul – 10.35 million
Hong Kong – 8.66 million

The two cities have topped the Index throughout its history. Spending-wise, visitors to Bangkok are expected to contribute THB418 billion, whereas London can expect to reap THB681 billion from tourism.

This year nearly 383 million overnight trips will be made by international visitors to the 132 cities ranked by the index, with visitors expected to spend a total USD360 billion.

Source: reallifephuket
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