Koko Narak – a perfect embodiment of the proverb “you reap what you sow.”


All has been said about Prasertsri Kosin aka Koko Narak – the infamous Thai national who has so much hatred towards anything Filipino. Kosin’s gained notoriety after his racially-offensive comments about Filipinos on social networking sites particularly on Facebook became viral, calling them Pignoys, toilet lickers, stupid creatures and useless people on earth to name a few whilst living and working in the Philippines.

His actions was brought to me by a fellow Filipino working in Thailand last week. After reading Kosin’s posts I felt my blood started to boil to the possible highest boiling point. His comments were uncalled for. I admit I got hurt. 

Retaliate? I thought of that. But as you can see, I wasn’t able to post articles these past few days due to busy schedule. My parents-in-law are also here in Thailand taking a time off. If I had plenty of time the moment I knew of his actions, I’d certainly join the bandwagon of making him more infamous by posting articles about him. In fact, I was thinking of bringing this up to Dr. Warong.

Anyway, I showed the news of Kosin’s possible deportation to my students at the university. I also showed them screenshots of Kosin’s original posts to know their reactions. They were shocked. Some were covering their mouths in disbelief. 

“His choice of words and the way he deals with people surely don’t represent Thai people Ajarn,” one of my students said.

Kosin once hurt me big time. But after hearing my 50+ students telling me that Filipinos are one of the best and one of the most caring teachers Thailand has ever have, I don’t feel the weight of the single person’s words anymore. I feel more sorry for the guy now. From this day forward, Kosin will be remembered as the perfect embodiment of the proverb “you reap what you sow.”
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