Filipinos in Thailand: The first to arrive in the kingdom, Thai perception of Pinoys


The number of Filipinos who come to Thailand searching for work particularly as teachers is growing fast. No one knows exactly how many Filipinos (teaching or not) are here in Thailand now since majority arrived in Thailand as tourists. So, whenever a colleague of mine asks me as to what the population of Filipinos in Thailand is,”I have no idea” is what they always get for an answer.

Before education became a lucrative business which employ thousands of teachers from different countries including the Philippines today, Filipinos already left an indelible mark and were on top of the game in music. The first to arrive in Thailand for work were mostly employed as singers in a band; entertaining and singing Western songs to tired and lonely American soldiers who were stationed in Asia during the Vietnam war.

Here’s a clip from NewTV showcasing Filipino traits such as love for singing, party, etc. It also talks about the “Association of Filipinos in Thailand” and what they do to help the less fortunate Thai kids. And, of course, how the ones who have been here for more than 4 decades live their lives and on how Thai people think of Filipinos.

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