Teachers request for a 13 month pay has been approved


My university has been generous as it gives all foreign teachers a one month bonus at the end of the contract each year. There are many schools in the kingdom that do the same. In fact, some schools are so amazingly generous that they also cover the ticket of their teachers to visit their home country and back. However, not all are lucky enough to even get a 12-month contract.

Therefore, with the approval of the government, the Ministry of Education ordered all schools that foreigners teaching in the kingdom are all going to have a 13th month pay starting in May this year; the first term of the new school year.

This move according to the Ministry, is their way to acknowledge and pay tribute to one of the most challenging yet low paying jobs in Thailand. Yes, the teaching profession!

“Teachers work so hard even at night checking papers to name one yet they receive less every month. It is high time we give something back to them so they can enjoy the fruit of their labor” said one of the education boards speaking under the condition of anonymity.
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