The future of the Pilot Project is at hand


On Sunday morning last week Dr. Warong called me to ask whether I could join the meeting at his house with the assistant director and the supervisor of AREA 1 in Phitsanulok. Since I wasn’t doing anything anyway, I accepted the invtation. 

When I arrived at Dr. Warong’s house I met Dan of Financial Times. I’ve learned that apart from being connected with the Financial Times, Dan is also a researcher of ASEAN Confidential. 

The school director of Wat Sapansan and the adviser of K2 students were present at the meeting as well.

According to Dr. Warong, Khon Korn asked him to involve people in position at Phitsanulok’s Educational Service Area 1 as they could help in the planning of the project.

If budget permits the project may continue next school year and possibly hire two or three full time teachers to teach English, Science and Maths and will use English as the medium of instruction. If the project continues to be effective after a year, it will soon be done nationwide. That means more foreign teachers will be deployed in temple schools which cannot afford to hire foreign teachers due to limited budget.

PS: The chairman of the Education Reform of Thailand according to Dr. Warong, will visit Phitsanulok to observe the students at Wat Sapansan School tomorrow, March 14, 2014. I’ll be doing a special class demonstration tomorrow morning (Saturday). Yikes! It might be a deciding factor whether to continue the project, or drop it for good.

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