(Photos) Dinner meeting with Her Excellency Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia, the Philippine Ambassador to Thailand


A dinner meeting with the Philippine Ambassador to Thailand doesn’t happen everyday, let alone monthly or annually. Therefore, when I was invited by Enzo, the president of the Filipino organization in Phitsanulok and nearby provinces known as P’lok Pinoys that Her Excellency Ambassador Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia is coming to Phitsanulok, there was no second thought. I immediately let him include my name on the roster. 

The meeting was far from formal. It was so casual we felt that Her Excellency was one of us. She talked about the importance of financial literacy; quite like save first or take-a-portion-of-our-salary-before-we-head-out-to-the-malls kind of thing. At least if we have savings and when we finally decided to go home for good, we have cash to help us afloat if we think of starting out a business or something similar. She also informed us that the Embassy is willing to send some staff to do an outreach program only if there’s a critical mass or an enough number of attendees whose concern is about passport or other legal documents. Lastly, the South China Sea was also tackled, giving us more understanding on the Philippines’ stance about the issue.

Anyway, Her Excellency visited and had a formal meeting with the president of Naresuan University earlier today. She will also pay Rajabaht University tomorrow a visit to meet our president. I’m excited!

Nuff said! More photos dee kwa.

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