My thoughts about the Facebook survey targeting Filipinos


A Facebook survey conducted by a foreign teacher in one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of is adding fuel to an already burning bridge between “some” native and non native English teachers – at least that was my feeling after seeing it.

I said some because this is not all true about teachers in general. I believe there are teachers in some schools, both native and non native alike, who are working harmoniously and are playing blind and deaf about negativity that can possibly destroy friendship. I also said “burning bridge” (although not damaged beyond repair yet) because this thing can be stopped. However if this thing continues, I don’t see the rift between the two camps going well anytime soon. The bridge might also be completely burned. I hope not.

Anyway, the survey targeted Filipinos whom the poster said, devoid of correct grammar. Here’s the screenshot of the survey for better viewing. Click image to enlarge.

His post reminded me of the old adage “nobody’s perfect.” No one is indeed perfect. No one is above others. Therefore, no one is in the position to tell you that you’re there and they’re just here. There are Filipinos who don’t speak and write good English. But it also applies to native English speakers as well.

A few months back I wrote a blog post about how a heated argument between native and non native English speakers turned out well. It all just started in salary difference. But we all rested our cases and accepted each others’ apology. I hope it will happen again this time.

I really don’t want to make it big by adding more fuel. If I do, it will never end. What I’ve seen is more than enough. Sometimes it is better to rest your case and turn your other cheek. Trust me, it’s not a sign of weakness or defeat. Just work silently and do your thing passionately. Its sound is a lot louder than yelling and swearing combined.
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