How to get extra classes the easiest way?


Looking back to the time I first arrived in Thailand I was a struggling individual searching for work. Because I refused to work with schools offering 15,000 a month salary, I ended up accepting my friend’s offer for experience sake. And since I was also running out of “ammunition” for my food and fare, I thought it was a good idea to earn a few baht on the side while waiting for my big break.

Before Rajabaht my first ever job in Thailand was in a language school in Nonthaburi. If my memory serves me correctly I was given two hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. I taught an English conversation course for two months during the weekend and was only earning 200 baht an hour. I felt so down because after refusing a full time job from schools offering 15k, I ended up having a part time job that paid much less. It was like a nightmare. If you’d like to know how I managed to climb the ladder, click the blue link below.

I would say that I enjoyed working with the man running the center. He was nice and easy-going. He was the one starting a conversation everyday. But since he cannot provide documents needed for a non immigrant B visa so I could stay longer in Thailand and cannot pay me with the amount I asked him to, I left them. I didn’t leave them hanging though. They knew it was coming.

Then I knocked on Rajabaht’s door and good thing they let me in. At that time I’ve got a not so busy schedule and I used it to expand my network. I spoke to the people in my neighborhood and offered them my services. I made some flyers and paid shops nearby a visit so I could hand them the flyers personally. Only a few students made it to my home, though.

But I didn’t stop. I made learning fun and easy for my students who came to my house. I introduced interactive and fun games I found online. I befriended them. I let them feel that I’m always around whenever they need help in their lesson. I also did the same thing to my students at the university and became close to my colleagues. I found out that those flyers I gave, those visits to shops meant nothing. Word of mouth is the key. Once the students enjoyed learning with you, they’re the ones who are going to spread the word to others. Keep everything simple yet fun. 

From 200 baht per hour a few years back, I am now getting a quite handsome rate per hour. I’m still not rich. I wish to be one, though. But teaching in Thailand won’t make us rich. However, I’m proud to say that I’m no longer struggling. Also, I don’t look for part jobs anymore. They now look for me. LoL

On a serious note, I hope this post will serve as a motivation to continue your fight. Don’t give up just yet. I believe you won’t be struggling forever. There’s always a rainbow after the rain. 
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