Does teaching writing scare you like it scares me?


I’ve been teaching a lot of listening and speaking courses to almost all levels of students in Thailand. I’ve got students whose listening and speaking skills dramatically improved, like Dr. Warong, a former member of parliament (MP) for Phitsanulok. I can confidently say that I am more of an effective listening and speaking teacher as opposed to the other skills. 

As for reading although I haven’t done it before, I have a feeling I’ll be able to handle it as well. As long as there’s a vast amount of materials available, I don’t see it as big problem. I’m all set in doing it. 

So, that goes without saying that among the four skills in teaching English, writing is the one I am not so confident of doing. 

No confidence

Now why do I feel I won’t pull writing courses off? Because I have to learn a lot more myself. My grammar needs a lot of polishing. In short, it is second rate! My thoughts in most cases are unorganized. I’m not good in playing with words. And lastly, I haven’t taught writing yet. I did tell you that, didn’t I? Oh… No, I didn’t.

To accept, or not to accept, that is the question

But writing is now knocking on the door, you see. I was asked If I can do it next term to high school students in another province close by. If this will push through, I’ll be teaching writing in an English Program (EP). The school according to my source is the biggest school in that part of Thailand that boast quite a handful of good students. Hearing the “good students” scared me even more. 

Anyway, if you were to ask what am I thinking, I’d like to answer the knock on door and let it in to see if I’ll be able to perform it positively. As former basketball star Michael Jordan said, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying“. 

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