US Rape Suspect Poses As Teacher in Thailand


A few days after I posted FOREIGN TEACHER IN THAILAND FACES EXTRADITION FOR CHILD ABUSE, a similar story emerged from Bangkok Post raising concerns over students’ safety in schools.

According to report, Thomas Andrew Erickson, wanted in both Thailand and Denton County, Texas, on various charges of rape and assault of women has been in Thailand for quite some time posing as a teacher.

Photo by Kosol Nakachol 

The American teacher allegedly used fake British passport to apply as a teacher in Bangkok and other places in the Kingdom whilst on the run from rape charges in his home country.

His background became known to Thai police when the CSD was contacted by the US embassy on Sept 15 which asked the CSD to help search for a “dangerous person” wanted by authorities in Denton County and Harris County in Texas, but also a “mental illness”.

US officers said Mr Erickson suffers from bipolar disorder which allows him to possess two extreme characters swinging between that of a reliable English teacher and a predator who targets women for his sexual pleasure.

The Crime Suppression Division (CSD), which nabbed the man last Wednesday night at Moo Ban Klang Muang in Samut Prakan’s Muang district, wants school administrators and parents to take the incident as a warning when they choose native English speakers as tutors for students.

What is happening is indeed alarming. But I think the case doesn’t particularly apply to native speakers alone. There are non-native speakers who have issues of their own. I can only hope that things will be better soon.

Source: Bangkok Post
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