LPG Car Explodes in Topland Parking Lot in Phitsanulok


The dangers of LPG was a topic me and my friend discussed a few days back. He advised me not to convert my car to LPG or propane because of the risk of exploding. As someone who doesn’t know much about cars, I immediately believed him. And he was right! 

A car with an LPG gas system exploded yesterday at Topland Plaza shopping mall in Phitsanulok. The owner, together with his wife and daughter were inside the mall buying a tablet.

“I heard from people about the explosion of the car in the parking lot, said 40-year-old Suriya Buakaew. But I was shocked to see it was my 1- year-old car.”
Suriya couldn’t think of a reason why his car exploded. He said he parked it properly and turned off the engine.
Witnesses said the car exploded several times. Firefighters and rescue volunteers were deployed to control the situation.
No injuries were reported.

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