Google Adsense Paid My Wife On Her Birthday


I’ve been spending way too much time in front of the computer these past few months. I really find it very comforting as I get to read more stuff online and I get to know more people whom I share the same interests with. However, I sometimes forget I have a real life outside the blogosphere; which in turn, makes me not so productive.

Spending too much time stretching my fingers and moving around my eyeballs staring at the flickering lights in front of me is one of the very reasons my wife and I would end up having an argument. Although I understand where she’s coming from, I just can’t resist the feeling online work gives me. Selfish me? I know 🙂

So, as she celebrated her birthday a day after Jesus did, I made her a recipient of my Google Adsense earnings this month. The amount was not that much, but it was enough for her to flash a smile -a smile that is enough for me to flash my own.

Thanks for the present, Google! Will I have one again next month?
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