Bangkok cabbie returns cash to Russian passenger


Bangkok cabbie strikes again! Did I say that in a positive tone? If it sounded negatively, please accept my apology. 

Another honest cab driver made Thailand proud after he returned the 67,000 baht in cash on Wednesday to his Russian passenger.

Taxi driver Sukan Lalote returns cash from the wallet of his Russian passenger Kirill Burdikhin at the police-run FM91 radio station in Bangkok on Wednesday. (FM91 station photo) 

Kirill Burdikhin, 34, was reunited with his wallet when Sukan Lalote, 47, personally handed it to him at FM91 radio station run by police in Chatuchak district. 

The wallet contained personal papers identifying Mr Burdikhin and cash in baht, US and Canadian dollars, rubles and euros, worth altogether about 67,000 baht. 

Sukan said he knew how it feels to lose something as he was cheated by the owner of an old taxi who made him pay for its repair and then failed to sell it to him as promised. This very thing was enough for him to have the wallet returned.

Mr. Burdikhin was grateful for Mr. Sukan’s honesty so just before they parted ways, he gave the honest driver a 5,000 baht reward.

According to the movie website, Kirill Burdikhin is an actor and producer, known for The Weather Station (2010), Svyaz vremyon (2010) and Sem Ya (2012).

Source: Bangkok Post
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