Six Primary Schools Were Burned By Insurgents In The South


Everybody knows about the killings, bombings and burning of establishments in the deep south of Thailand. The news are always updated with the latest happenings in the troubled part of the country. But aside from the story my Thai friends told me; that the insurgents wish is to separate their area (Muslim) from the Kingdom, I have no idea exactly, in its deepest sense, the insurgents cause in their battle against the government. Is it really just religion?

What is happening in the deep south is really disturbing. The crimes don’t just make the area dangerous. It also instill fear to the people including the most innocent ones – the children.

What saddens me the most is the fact that schools and teachers are currently singled out by the separatists. Yesterday (Sunday) alone, six public primary schools were set fire in Pattani province. According to a report by army spokesman Winthai Suwari, the attack was believed to be a retaliation for recent military operations.
A school in Pattani covered with fire and smoke (Photo by Abdullah Benyakart, Post Today) 

No casualties were reported as the attacks, as what they appeared to be, were aimed at destroying property.

This isn’t the first time schools were targeted. Since the first semester of this year, there were reported attacks in Narathiwat province, with two schools set on fire in Sungai Padi district
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