Cheers to 3 years


Just like everybody else we have our own share of ups and downs, shortcomings, and the like. We argue even without the slightest provocation, let the night greets the day without uttering a single word, and we literally make small things big. 

But we forgive, we talk, we understand, we respect, and we continue to love each other. I am proud to say we are surviving the days, months and years.

We are like kids. One minute we hate each other, the other we’re so friends. 

Time flies so fast indeed as we are now in our 3rd year as a couple, as husband and wife, and as father and mother to our little bundle of joy.

There will be more problems along the way. Some of which will definitely test our hope and love for each other. Those could break or make us. I just hope the latter will overpower the former. Wink

On a serious note, we both made a vow before HIM that we will stay together, till death do us part. I am clinging on to that. I am holding to that promise. I hope you do the same.

Three years down, forever to go. I love you so much, Mommy!
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