School Director Does More Than Just Managing Her School; She Also Directs Traffic


The director of Pratuangthip Wittaya School in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district got herself on TV after a video of her directing traffic outside her school went viral. Her 1.39 minute clip was featured on Channel 3’s morning news show.
Saree Suphan, 62, has been directing traffic for two years, with hopes of easing the flow of traffic in her area. She also wants people living in the same community to foster a sense of responsibility.
People who saw the video reacted positively and were impressed with the way she handled her work.

Saree Suphan, director of Pratuangthip Wittaya School in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, blows a whistle while directing traffic outside her school. (Photo by Apichit Jinakul) 

But the teacher who also acts as a traffic policewoman every afternoon was quick to give a modest reply.

“I don’t want fame,” she said. “I’ve been directing traffic for two years and never thought that someone would see me, record it and post it online.

“I want those who have seen my video clip to have a social conscience and volunteer to work in the communities where they grew up or live.”

Saree also gives respect back to the motorist by giving them a wai and bowing her head as a signal that students are about to cross.

She never had any proper training and only learned the hand signals needed by doing some reading and watching traffic police do their job.

The school director directs traffic every weekday afternoon between 4 pm and 4:50 pm.
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