New Students and New School For the Pilot Project

Sigh! I know you guys are still upset if not angry to “Genaro” about his post calling Filipinos stupid. Why don’t we set aside the anger and focus on the thing that matters most? After all, he already got the “fame” he’s been dreaming to have, albeit with threats and swears. 

So, where do we start? Hmm, I received a call from Dr. Warong this morning as I was teaching for the last time the kindergartens at a temple school. To be clear, these students were part of my university’s project with the 5 Tesaban schools, and not the pilot project Dr. Warong and I are planning to do. Ours will start on the 1st of November next term.


Anyway, the call was just to inform me that there was a change of venue. Just so you know about three weeks ago, we met the director of the temple school where we were supposed to test the project. The meeting was short and I noticed the happy faces of the top men of the school when we adjourned, making me believe that everything was set and we’re good to go. 

Last week however, the director called Dr. Warong and he was told they were no longer going to participate in the said project, nullifying all we agreed upon. 


If you were to ask what grounds the director’s sudden change of heart, I’ll give you a hint. The temple school is under the municipality which happens to be run by the other party. I’m assuming whoever is running it didn’t like the idea that the opposing party is going to conduct a project within his/her jurisdiction. So… oh wait, I’m not gonna continue. I’m pretty sure you already got my drift. 

A lot of things transpired without my knowledge, and I just learned all of those earlier today. Hirap i-digest.

After the short exchange of question, Dr. Warong arrived 10 minutes later and took me to the new school called Wat Sapanteesam School. There I met the director as well as the head of the village. The people there seemed to be more accommodating than the ones in the previous venue. However, something poses a problem in my opinion. If 15 to 18 students in the old school can be tiring, how much more the 29 students at Sapanteesam? 

Wish me luck, guys. At least the whole idea wasn’t voided.

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