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Aegis People Support Ad Badmouths The Philippines


A snappy tagline, persuasive technique, exigency – these are just a few things a company need in creating an ad. But a company I know seemed to forget these and decided to make one which, in my opinion, has the potential to stir negative controversy. Actually, it is stirring controversy now (smirk).

People Support (Aegis now) is one of the pioneer BPO’s in the Philippines. According to some reviews I found online, it has accommodating and friendly employees. The working environment was good too. As a former employee of People Support (not Aegis yet), I couldn’t agree more with the reviews.

From newbie agents doing their nesting to supervisors and team managers, PS employees at the time were amazing. I had one of the best moments of my life with the company. With the fast promotion, friendly employees as well as good environment, who wouldn’t want to be part of them? Salary might not be so high compared to others but you can have over time. After all, you’ve got friendly agents behind you whenever an irate caller luckily falls on your queue.

Well, that was prior to Aegis acquisition of People Support though. Some friends who left the company after I did make posts on their Facebook that things weren’t the same anymore as they used too. The salary of employees didn’t seem to increase and the new managers didn’t seem to know the word “manage.”

During our time, agents were able to render overtime just to rake a few more pesos. But I was told the OT was now removed. And even the coffee too!

Their new ad is what you can see below. Well, they are moving to Malaysia because the poor Philippines happens to be at the Pacific ring of fire, has natural disasters here and there, lack of government support, and less security which make the business unstable.

Seriously, do you need to bad mouth the Philippines? Why not use all the positive adjectives there are in the English dictionary for Malaysia? I am disappointed with the ad. The words were indeed uncalled for and downright unprofessional. Good thing I left before the acquisition.

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