(Video) Award-winning Filipino Teacher In New York Who Is Making Math Cool


Math is a tricky subject to learn let alone to teach. But Filipino educator Ramil Buenaventura’s unconventional way of teaching resonates well with students.

He sings to solve algebra equations. He dances and moves like Michael Jackson to impart his knowledge of geometry. And moves from left to right like a swinging pendulum to teach translation, reflection and rotation.

“Sometimes lectures do get boring, I will admit,” Aguirre said, “This is modern, a lot of use of technology, and this is meant to keep you awake and meant to help you learn.”

“He made little songs and dances that are catchy,” said 8th grade student Caitlyn De Jesus, “So for example during a test if I would forget something, I would think of the moves he did and they would just come easier, easier to remember things.”

Buenaventura’s energetic and unconventional approach to teaching was recognized by New York City’s Department of Education. From 3,000 people nominated to receive the Big Apple Award this year, the Filipino teacher is one of the lucky 12.

He’s an inspiration especially for Filipino teachers working overseas. Well, am I gonna hear a story similar to this here in Thailand?

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