Police Opened Fire At A Student’s Car, Mistook Her As A Drug Dealer

A Chulalongkron University student experienced a terrifying moment in her life yesterday when Bang Chan drug suppression opened fire at her car after apparently mistaking her for a drug dealer.

Apisada Sajjapanroj, 21, made a turn at an intersection on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 118 when an unmarked police pickup got passed her and stopped her car. Four police officers who were not wearing uniform and didn’t identify themselves as police, got out of the vehicle and surrounded her car. 

In terror, Apisada reversed her car and collided with a Mercedes Benz.

One of the undercover officers then raised his pistol and fired several shots at the wheels of Ms Apisada’s car. She accelerated and crashed into several more vehicles before coming to a stop. The officers searched her car but found nothing, and fled when her relatives arrived.
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