My phone got ran over by a car


What a great Monday it is! I drove to school early today thinking I won’t be late for my students’ midterm exam. I was so excited to meet them so we could all be done with a thing that bothers them (exam). Upon arrival though, I noticed my phone was nowhere to be found. And since I need to call someone to reschedule a private class, I worried so much sweat started dripping out.

My searched in the car proved futile, so I went home to see if it was there.  I checked the whole house including the bathroom as I use it there sometimes to play games while sitting on the throne. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there either. Thanks to my neighbor who allowed me to use her phone. A Thai guy answered and told me he got my phone down the street at the university. Then the meeting was agreed on.

My phone after a car ran over it. Photo by Mod, a colleague at Rajabaht

A few moments later, a lady who looked like an employee at the university handed me my phone and a piece of paper. She said it had the name and number of the person who got my phone just in case I’d like to send my “thank you”. As much as he wanted to personally hand it over, he was doing something more important.

When I checked my phone its back cover was cracked, like an earthquake making its path. Bits of pieces of the shattered glass slowly fell off. The lady said a car ran over it. Why didn’t I hear any dropping sound? Why didn’t I hear any breaking sound? Questions started flooding my head. 

But it’s still working you know? That made me happy. And of course, my students told me the back cover can be replaced for just 500 baht. And to top it off, knowing that there is this person named “Mr. Seksun” who returned my phone is something to be happy about. It came back, albeit broken – and that mattered most. 

PS: Hey Apple Inc, this story can be part of your marketing plan as it shows how tough an Iphone is. Let me know if you wanna work with me. I’m just an email away. LoL.
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