Mr. Steak Philippines, A New Filipino-Sounding Name in Thailand


A rendezvous of those working in the city but more to those working in the provinces, New Mabuhay restaurant is an already established name among Filipinos working in Thailand. Their foods albeit way expensive in my own personal standards are something to look forward to whenever I pay Bangkok a visit.

But it seems New Mabuhay isn’t the only restaurant or establishment in Thailand that has an obvious Filipino-sounding names. Last week I stumbled across a restaurant that doesn’t only possess a Filipino-sounding name. To top it off, the name has the word Philippines in it. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Steak Philippines.

I have no idea if this restaurant is owned by a Filipino. But by the looks of it, the owner probably has some kind of a liking about the Philippines. I never tried them yet so I cannot vouch whether “theirs” are something to look forward to as well. But hey, this could possibly be a start of something good. I’ll keep you posted as long as I already have info to share.

Note: Mr. Steak Philippines isn’t located in Bangkok. It’s in Phitsanulok which is about 5-hr drive from Bangkok by bus, and a merely 8-minute drive from my place.
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