Luis Alandy Tweeted About Khon Philippine


“Apparently I’m big in Thailand,” tweeted model-actor Luis Alandy after his photo circulated on social networking site like there’s no tomorrow. The now famous photo was shared by a Thai Facebook user Golfsuda Nam, which later landed a spot in a Thai news channel revealing Luis as a Filipino actor in the Philippines, and not Thai most of them thought.

Apparently as well, when Luis tweeted about the moment he became big in the Kingdom, he used the link of the article I wrote. GMA also wrote a similar article and used the tweeter screenshot Luis posted. No wonder the hits I got was way, way beyond what I expected. In just a few days the article I wrote which you can read here went live, it got an amazing number of views compared to my other articles combined.

This wouldn’t happen without the help of Mr. Lorenzo Caballes Jr, Head of the ASEAN Section of Phitsanulok Pittayakom School for bringing this matter to my attention. I can’t believe Luis and GMA picked it up. Thank you so much!

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