Earning Extra in Phichit Province


If you are from Phichit and would like to earn extra then keep on reading. 

A friend who owns a small language center in Phitsanulok decided to do business in nearby Phichit. She made a phone call to me two days ago and asked if I have friends working there. I found out that her husband who is originally from Phichit decided to try their luck in his hometown.

Her name’s Kim and she’s a nice woman with very good English. She likes working with Filipinos as she worked with some when she was in Bangkok doing the same thing – running a language center.

She’s just starting so the pay rate may not be high. But I’m assuming it’s somewhere between 200 to 250 baht an hour. Who knows your performance may be the reason for more students to come. Therefore, a pay raise is possible.

So if you are interested, please let me know. Leave a comment or send me a PM. Good luck.
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