Beauty Queens At Suvarnabhumi Airport


What we thought was just a normal day at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Friday, August, 17, 2014 turned out to be a glitz and glamour moment as beauty queens from Thailand as well as one from Myanmar waited for their departure at the lounge.
If my memory serves me right they are… From left: Miss Tourism Thailand, Miss Earth Myanmar, Miss Earth Thailand, Miss International Thailand (the most beautiful in my opinion) and Miss I forgot. I honestly forgot, sorry.

Everyone was staring at them but no one dared ask if having a picture with them is ok. So, I gathered all the remaining powers I have and asked Thailand’s Miss International.

She smiled and asked her friends to line up. My family didn’t waste time and hastily went to the middle as I, the one who asked, positioned myself 2 feet away and started hitting the shutter. After us, herds of people from China and Thailand seized the opportunity to have photos with them, too.

Anyway, these beautiful, nice and friendly ladies are amazingly tall. They were like walking towers with very nice figures. They literally dwarfed even the tall-looking passengers walking everywhere. 

Look at the size of them!
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